Photo Focus: Wisteria!
Springtime in Italy

Springtime in Italy is my favorite season for a few reasons, but at the top of the list is WISTERIA !

Come April, it’s as though someone flips a switch and turns-on the Wisteria – because it pop-ups out of nowhere and is  everywhere. What a treat to the senses!!

As you can see, I snap a photo of this beauty wherever I may see it.

How I wish Wisteria season was longer, but then I guess it wouldn’t be as special 🙂


  • Therie says:

    These flowers made Italy look even more romantic! So so lovely!

  • wow! that is an awesome place and it is full with beautiful things. i really like beauty of that place and natural beauty is one of the best attraction. So stunning photos you shared of your trip.

  • Lynne says:

    What wonderful photos. I am trying to find out where in Italy wisteria grows wild on hillsides. My 81 year old mother has heard about it, and would very much like to visit, but neither of us know where in Italy we should look. Any help you could give us would be very gratefully received.

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Thank you Lynne. Wisteria season is mainly during April – June, of course it varies depending on the weather. I have seen wisteria from as far south as the Castelli Romani area, just south of Rome and as far north as the Lake region (Lake Como). However, I can’t be specific about knowing where it could be found on the hillsides. I don’t have a car in Italy and because of this my exploration is mostly towns and cities. I wish I had the perfect hillside to recommend, but I don’t. My favorite natural sightings have been around Lake Como and then for a more garden setting, Villa d’Este (Tivoli) is spectacular with wisteria and other flowers around the Easter holiday.

  • Ana O says:

    These shots are so beautiful! I love wisterias, their sweet smell, their colour. Plus, they bring back very pleasant memories of Italy.

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