Best & worst countries to be an Expat


(Read the Full article by The Washington Post Nov 2013) 

These are some results from a study done by HSBC.  The study focused on the economic opportunities and quality of life in other countries.

(34 countries included).

Highlights of the findings:

  • “Also at the bottom of the list is much of Western Europe, which the report says is often too expensive for expats”.  The worst of these 34 countries to be an expat is Egypt.  Italy is the third worst out of the 34 countries.
  • “For 24 of those countries, the study also looked at metrics gauging the suitability of raising children as expats. If you incorporate the data on child rearing abroad along with the economic and quality-of-life measurements, China ranks first overall, following by Germany and Singapore. The study concludes that Germany is the best of these countries to raise expat children, that Thailand provides the best work-life experience for expats, and that Switzerland has the most favorable economy for expatriates.”
  • “This map shows how the 34 countries compare on economic opportunities and quality-of-life for expats. It does not include the metrics on child rearing. Bluer countries are better for expats and redder countries are worse:”

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  • Milosz Zak says:

    Definitely sharing this, it’s really too bad Egypt is at the end of the ranking. All the more reason to continue the fight for social justice in that country!

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Milosz – Italy, where I currently live, is not far behind Egypt….the article helped me understand and give me some support as to why the adjustment to living in Italy, coming from the USA hasn’t been easy.

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