Tabacchi shops

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The Tabacchi shops are one of the backbone items of daily life in Italy.  They are not just cigarette stores.  However, this is where you buy your smoking supplies: cigarettes, tobacco, lighters, etc.  If you’re from the USA, think of it as a 7-11 on steriods, in a tiny space and without the mystery meat hotdogs and slurpies.

The Tabacchi shops do vary on what they sell –  some are so simple and sell the ciggies and maybe some lottery tickets.  Others amaze me in the variety of items they sell in such a small shop.  I would just sometimes ask for things to watch them perform a Mary Poppins act, sticking their hand in a bottemless purse and pulling out what you asked for!

What you can find in the tabacchi shops (negozio):

  • Very Important for your daily needs – Pay Bills:
    • some/many have the Sisal machines – this is where you can pay many of your bills (electric, gas, phone, recharge SIM cards)
  • The Bollati – the ‘fancy’ stamps you need for your Permesso di Soggiorno and other government paperwork.
  • Postage stamps (francobolli)   * do make sure you state if it’s for international use
  • Metro/Bus/Subway/Tram – Public Transport Tickets
  • Stationary supplies: paper (carta), folders, pens (penne), highlighters, notebooks (quaderno)
  • Some sell moving boxes (empty cardboard boxes – cartone)
  • Shipping supplies; boxes, tape, mailing labels
  • Lottery tickets a go-go…this is HUGE in Italy!!
  • Greeting cards (though, most are just horrible.  Hallmark it is not!)
  • Gifts.  I’ve seen some with crystal ashtrays, fancy pens, statuettes, necklaces and other random things
  • There was one larger tabacchi shop where they sold concert tickets.
  • Cigarettes

tABACCHI Italy connecTHow do you know what they sell?

Look at the ‘T’ sign.  It will list most of the ‘services’, look at their window – they cram all sorts of notes, signs on their windows showing what they sell or just go inside and ask 🙂

Buying Cigarettes

  •  The prices are the same at every shop (not like the USA where each vendor sets the price)
    •  a pack of 20 is around 5€ a pack.  Varies slightly on brand.  (current price 2014 – they also sell mini packs of 10 for some brands)
  • A Pack = ‘Un Paccho, per favore
  • A Carton = ‘Un Stick,  per favore
  • After hours many shops have a machine available (as seen in the photo above).  The trick with the machine is that you MUST insert an Italian ID card: Permesso or your ASL card….it must have one of the chips in the ID card.  Without the ID card, you aren’t able to buy the cigarettes.

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