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Sky TV English Language TV - Customer Service SMS information


You can send an SMS for help – yay!!!  The way I do this is – I use Google translate to help me write my message in Italian.  Copy & Paste it to this number & wait for your response.


It’s efficient.  For those of you with limited language, this service may help alleviate the difficulties of a phone dialogue.  And if you’re Italian language is great – another option for you to get assistance.


Now you can send a SMS to the number 320. as many times as you want to get information about your subscription.
You can check payments, change payment method, knowing the amounts to be paid.

You can also ask questions on Sky TV and on the packages and services to enrich your subscription.

Contact via SMS by specifying your request and your account number and they will reply as soon as possible.
The service is available from 8:30 to 22:30. costs of sending the ‘SMS from a mobile phone connected to the operator being used.


Existing customers of TV

 icon-thumb-tack television is a subscription satellite service to get English language TV channels  plus special subscriptions for Cinema, News, Soccer, Children shows, Entertainment and special events, such as the Olympics

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