Rome: Cocktails by Piazza Navona

bar near Piazza Navona

Vineria la Botticella

 Location, selection, ambiance, cost – EXCELLENT!

This bar (as in a cocktail alcohol bar….. not coffee bar) is a pleasant surprise just down the block from Piazza Navona.  Pleasant because of location, simplicity and prices!!

Cocktails are typically pricey in Rome.  Commonly people in Rome & Italy drink prosecco, wine, beer and lots of coffee.  A vodka tonic or rum & coke is a bit more rare – and you wind up paying for it.  I found most places serving a cocktail charging quite a bit compared to a glass of wine or beer.

This bar or as they call themselves a Vineria/Birreria is a bar – a bar more similar to a drinking bar in the USA, but with Italian charm.   The bonus is that you can order a mixed cocktail starting at around 2-4€.  (other bars serving a basic hard liquor may charge 8-12€) Not only are their prices fair, they also offer a wider variety of hard liquor – Grey Goose Vodka for example!

La Botticella is a great find.  Stop by and take a break the next time you’re near Piazza Navona.  Cheers!

Via di Tor Millina 32
Roma / Rome
Piazza Navona

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