Permesso di Soggiorno:
The Application (The ‘Kit’)

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The Kit (application packet)

1 – Get the Application & complete it 

The permesso di soggiorno (resident permit/permission to stay) kit is available at any Italian post office. It consists of an envelope (with a yellow stripe for non-EU nationals and a blue stripe for EU nationals) which contains two forms and a list of instructions.

  • Completion of the first module is mandatory.
  • As for the second module, you must only fill it out if you have a regular income or if you are applying for a residence permit for work.
  • If you need to apply for a residence permit for your family members, you must post an envelope and a completed application form for each one of them (except for your children if they are under the age of 14).
  • Need Help?
    • See Tips & Links at the bottom of this article
2 – Submit Your Application

After you have filled out the application form, you can hand it in at any one of the post offices providing the ‘Sportello Amico’ service.

Or you may complete the application on a computer at many patronati and comuni- see “Ricerca Strutture” on lower left side at

  icon-thumb-tack   *** Don’t forget:

  • buy your Marca da Bollo at the Tabacchi store and put it on your completed application
  • bring your passport or whichever form of Identification you are using for your application. The postal clerk will ask to see it & will not process your application without it.
3 – Pay fees

You pay the above stated fees at the Post Office when you submit your application.

4 – Get your receipts & hold on to them!!!


Make copies, scan them….don’t lose these!

These receipts include your appointment date & time. A code you can use later on, after your Questura appointment, to track the status of your official card on this site And lastly, you must take ALL of these receipts to your appointment at the Questura. Without them, you’ll most likely be starting all over. Speaking from experience, just doing it once is exhausting, you really don’t want to do it twice!

These receipts will also allow you to travel and will list which items (documents & photos) you need to bring to your appointment at the Questura.

What to expect at your appointment with the Questura?

  • Fingerprints
  • Bring 4 photos
  • Bring copies of application and all of your submitted documents
  • you can check the status of your final id card, online at


 icon-thumb-tack  Tips & Links 

  • Questura is the Italian Police Headquarters
  • Investing in a printer/scanner will be helpful. Italy is a country that likes copies!
  • The timeframe between submitting your application and the appointment at the Questura varies greatly. In Rome it is usually a 3 month wait. In a smaller town, the wait may be only 2-3 weeks.
  • Don’t worry about the length of time until your appointment. You are LEGAL as soon as you submit your application and get your receipts. The receipts make you legal.
  • Some people call the Permesso di Soggiorno “A Residence Permit”. Take note that getting the Permesso does NOT make you a Resident. That is an additional application.

The Official Italian Immigration Website – check here for any updates & changes

    Instructions for completing the Permesso di Soggiorno application

  • Even though you’ll see ‘Inglese’ in the upper right portion, it isn’t activated. Instead, scroll down, look on the left hand column “Istruzioni Multilingue“, select your language, then click the ‘Ricerica’ button
  • There are also phone numbers posted for assistance. Sadly, it’s a long-shot that you’ll find someone who speaks English.

Alternatively you can have the forms completed on computer at many patronati and comuni- see “Ricerca Strutture” on lower left side at



  • R.singh virk says:

    Hello gurtej Paji satshri akhal mai i live in german i will come next month Italy possibl i can take a kit and apply can you help me pls send me
    Ji mai app the wait kerda ya thx paji

  • Claire says:

    It’s probably a little late for this to actually help Patricia, but for general information, after being in Italy for 90 days, there is no required wait time to apply for a visa. I just got a study visa within two weeks of returning to the States after being in Italy for three months.

  • Asad nal says:


    How mu h time to process the visa after i gave ma finger prints to the questura in napoli.

    How mu h does it get to get ma card in napoli?


    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Hello Asad, I’m not clear on what you’re asking. It seems that you’re going through a different process. Most people must get their Visa to Italy in their home country. Once you have your Visa, you then apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy. Each city is different with the time it takes to process the Permesso di SOggiorno (PdS). Larger cities, it takes longer. I did this in Rome. When I submitted my documents for an appointment, I had a 3 month wait for my Permesso appointment. Once I completed my PdS appointment, it was approximately 6 weeks until I received my PdS card. It’s important to know (as far as I am aware from research) that you are legal to be in the country as long as you’ve submitted your PdS documents. Your proof is the set of receipts you receive upon submission. It’s very important you keep your receipts! If you have additional questions, I recommend contacting the Questura for your region and ask them about your specific situation. The bureaucracy is not easy in Italy and it changes, so you need to do your research. Good luck!

  • Patricia Hellman says:

    I love your site! I’m in a pickle. Bought house in Sicily last August. Returned to Arizona…at advice of immigration attorney (bad choice) packed my stuff plus two cats and moved to Italia. Was told passport WAS my visa. Now I’m here. My 90 days is up on 24th. Can’t get permesso without visa…can’t get visa without returning. Can’t return because have no place to return to! IF I go back…..not likely…..will they make me wait 90 days before I can return? My two cars are elderly….and I’m not in the greatest if health currently. Any hope?

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Hi Patricia, It does seem like you received incorrect information from the immigration attorney. I am not an immigration to Italy expert, in this site I’m sharing information that helped me move here, long-term & legally, so take my input as suggestions.

      From all the research I’ve done in the past and knowing the stories from other expats – you need to get your VISA in the USA – period. There are no loop-holes, there is a set process to immigrate into a country long-term. I honestly have no idea about a 90 wait period when you return to the USA.

      My suggestion is to contact
      and an Embassy/Consulate in the USA to ask for specific answers for your situation.

      I wish you luck.

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