Keukenhof Gardens – Tulips, Tulips and more Tulips!

Visiting the Keukenhof Gardens is a must do while living in or visiting Holland.  It’s simply spectacular.  Do you think Keukenhof minds if I want to rename the gardens to ‘Tulip Paradise’? 😉

I was fortunate on the timing to go to the gardens since I had recently moved to Holland and could schedule my visit to enjoy the tulips at their peak and a bonus, on a sunny day!  Remember, Mother Nature is in control which is why the gardens are only open for a limited time (Mid-March through May.  Check the Keukenhof website for specific dates since it varies each year. 2017: March 23 – May 21 )

Trying to describe the gardens with a long descriptive won’t do the gardens justice – which is why I’m sharing a bunch of photos that are some of the highlights of the beauty you’ll experience.  

An overview:

  • The Keukenhof Gardens are located between Amsterdam and The Hague, close to Leiden.
  • Easy to get to by car, bus or train.  Ample parking is available.
  • There is an admission fee, tickets can be ordered online or you can buy them at the entrance.  
  • ** TIP: Buy your tickets in advance, online if possible to avoid lines.
  • The gardens are large, you can easily spend the entire day there exploring.
  • Conveniences such as restaurants, cafes, toilets are conveniently located throughout the gardens.
  • There’s even a windmill on-site!
  • The gardens are popular as you can imagine.  Be prepared to share the experience with many others 🙂
  • If you want to explore the surrounding flower fields (not part of the gardens), bicycle rentals are available within the parking area. (I did this and loved riding around the natural settings)
  • There’s a small petting zoo with goats, chickens and rabbits.

For specific information (opening dates, tickets, directions, etc.) view the Keukenhof website which is regularly updated.

Public Transport TIP:
If travelling to Keukenhof by public transport, take into consideration that you’re not the only one with this idea.  Schedule extra time to wait for the shuttle bus from the train station.  My experience which was on a weekday: I took the train to Leiden (no problem).  Once I arrived to Leiden, I had read to exit the station and catch the Keukenhof shuttle bus to get to the gardens.  Well…. the line was sooooo long.  I was a bit surprised at first, but it made sense since the gardens are such an attraction.  

I got at the end of the line and hoped it would move quickly.  It wasn’t too bad, I had to wait about 30-40 minutes until I made it on the bus. The bus ride from Leiden train station to the gardens is approx 15 minutes and the bus lets you off directly at the entrance.  

Heading home, just reverse your path.  BEFORE you head into the garden, ask the bus driver or someone at the entrance what time the last bus is departing to get to Leiden train station.  There is a last bus and many people may want to stay as long as possible, so plan for this as well.

Use the website/app for public transport directions

** Important: Shuttle bus ticket
If you’re not a local and don’t have an OV chipkaart transport card, you must buy your Keukenhof shuttle bus ticket INSIDE the train station.  You will not be able to purchase a ticket from the bus driver. 

Enough of my blabbering, here are the highlights of my day at Keukenhof Tulip Paradise 🙂  

*For best viewing, click on the first photo to enlarge and flip through the photos.

(Copyright notice: all photos are copyright protected by me ©IntaFish/  If you’re interested in reuse or purchase, please contact me.)