Immigration Assistance Phone Numbers


Provided by the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration. Providing citizens with timely and updated information on some services can be accessed with a simple phone call.

Asylum seekers: Toll-free number 800 905 570
Free information service for those seeking protection or want to apply for asylum .

  • It is a toll-free number activated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security that, through a network of interpreters, provides free answers to all your questions about the languages ​​and practices on the procedure for applying for refugee status on the protection of the right of ‘ asylum and services in the area
  • From Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 14:00 .  An answering service , also in French and English, guarantees the receipt of requests 24 hours 24 .


Multilingual on immigration issues: 800.309.309
  • Call Center Services – The service provides general information on immigration .
  • Free from landlines national, 24 h 24 in Italian, English, Spanish , Arabic and French .
Immigration Call Centre of the Italian Post Office 848 855 888
  • Additional information for the issuance and renewal of residence permits
  • For information on the progress of requests for issuance and renewal of residence permits are submitted after November 6, 2006 ( calls cost equal to the local rate charged by your mobile operator )
  • From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 .
Per application for citizenship: Phone numbers 06-48042101 – 102-103 – 104
  • The call center has finished its activity on 31 December 2010. To get updated information about their practice of citizenship application ” Our practice ” on line
For victims of terrorism , organized crime , duty categories and their equivalents: Call center 06.46548373 – 06.46548374 – 06.46548375
  • A point of listening to assist family members and victims , to concretely help people interested in getting the benefits provided by law or speed up the process already under way.
  • Qualified police officers respond from Monday to Friday , from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 18.
Toll-free number 800 191 000 for the victims of the crimes of mafia-type
  • On all working days , from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 19.00 and Friday from 9.00 to 14.00 .
  • Provides information, clarification , information on legislation and on how to access the Revolving Fund .
  • The toll free number provides information on the benefits for the victims of the crimes of mafia-type
For the victims of extortion and usury: Toll-free number 800-999-000
  • Citizens can take advantage also of call center services to obtain information regarding times of the branches or the procedures for the handling of administrative practices
  • To break the cycle of extortion and usury
  • The racket and wear are criminal activities : asking for the periodic payment of a certain sum of money in exchange for “protection”, grant loan money at high interest to those who find themselves in a situation of extreme need .

By calling the toll-free number you can get helpful information on laws and procedures laid down and , more importantly, addresses and telephone numbers of prefectures , consortia , foundations wear , to which the citizen can go to for all the assistance and support needed .

Call Center for Victims of duty and their families: 06.46548373 – 06.46548374 or 06.46548375
  • A call center to assist victims of duty and their families.
  • To obtain information quickly will be able to call the numbers or 06.46548373,  06.46548374 or 06.46548375
  • From 09.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00
  • Monday to Friday – where police officers qualified answer .
Anti-trafficking:  Toll 800 290
  • A person is considered a victim of trafficking if it is subjected to a violent situation , or if you run a serious and present danger to attempts to escape from the constraints of a criminal organization or if it runs the same danger to the statements made by the victim during preliminary investigations or criminal proceedings .
  • As part of the ‘ “Operation Pentametro – G6 Awareness Raising Campaign” ( an initiative between the European Union countries with the largest population ) have been provided some communication actions aimed at combating trafficking and it is in this frame that was activated a toll-free number 800 290 anti-trafficking . 290 can be used both by citizens and by both potential victims .
Against the practice of female genital mutilation in Italy: 800 300 558 Toll free
  • The service, operated by the management of the Central Anti-Crime Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior, receive reports and crime reports made ​​on the Italian territory and provides information on health facilities and voluntary organizations, neighboring communities of immigrants from countries where these practices are carried out .
  • You can call from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 14.00 and from 15.00 to 20:00.
Emergency involving Children: 114
  • It is a telephone line which is free for fixed-line 24 hours 24 .
  • Collects reports of emergencies involving sexual abuse, serious states of neglect and abandonment , suicide attempts , running away from home , domestic violence, drug and alcohol intake , catastrophic events, deviant behavior , messages and dialogues from violent or illegal content disseminated through the Internet and media.
  • A skilled operator receives the request for help by providing emotional support and starts immediately at U authority services and local institutions (112, 113 , 118, Social and Health Services , prosecutors, courts , etc.).
To report racial discrimination or other: Toll free in all languages ​​800 90 10 10
  • Victims or witnesses of incidents of discrimination , both racial and otherwise , may report the incident with a click through the online service offered by the new site of the National Office Against Racial Discrimination ( UNAR ) of the Department for Equal Opportunities
  • The message can be made directly from the home page of the site – as is already the case with the toll-free number 800 90 10 10 – in all languages ​​, free of charge , 24 hours 24 .

(More detailed information available from the originating website )


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