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Graffiti art -
Graffiti Art: Peeing Boy- Lecco, Italy

 An overlooked form of Italian Art

When graffiti is done well, it is ART!  Italy and many other places are covered with graffiti…sadly, a lot of it is not attractive and defaces property. But, then there’s the good stuff you come across unexpectedly – and this is what I categorize as graffiti art!

 icon-thumb-tack Seems appropriate to see so much of the graffiti art in Italy since the word ‘Graffiti’ is of Italian origin : from Italian (plural), from graffio ‘a scratch’.

I’m not sure why I’m drawn to it? Maybe because some of it is whimsical, almost like a cartoon or has an animated feel. It can be very expressive and tells a story or sends a message. I veer towards the more colorful, wacky and the location itself of the graffiti- may it be a train, storefront or an ugly wall made appealing. I also get a kick-out of the bubble letters which is common in graffiti, these bubble letters remind me of an era of when my friends & I wrote like this in middle school.

Graffiti Art: Siesta - Rome, Italy

Graffiti Art: Siesta – Rome, Italy

In Rome many shopkeepers have added interest to the neighborhoods by having an artist paint their security blinds. First,  it’s great advertising and second, this deters the vandal graffiti ‘enthusiast’ from leaving their unattractive, defacing scribble.

Tabacchi -

What happens with no art

It seems that if the security blinds are nicely painted with ‘art’ it is an unwritten rule or exhibit of respect to the artist, not to deface the painted security door.

In the town of Lecco (Lake Como) the commune organizes an event where they select inmates and teens with learning disabilities  to express themselves artistically and ‘decorate’ the hum-drum concrete walls near the railroad station & larger shopping center.  These graffiti covered walls are now diverse and make the area so much more interesting.

Which one is your favorite?  Where have you seen some interesting graffiti art?  Share in the comment are below.

Blue Bird – Lake Como, Italy


PANE: Pizza & Bread Bakery – Rome, Italy


Graffiti Art - Lake Como, Italy

Squiggly Man – Lecco, Italy


Graffiti Art: Red Spray & Swans- Lake Como, Italy

Red Spray & Swans- Lake Como, Italy


Graffiti Art: Smokin'- Rome, Italy

Smokin’- Rome, Italy


Graffiti Art: Heart- Milan, Italy

Heart- Milan, Italy


Graffiti Art: Peeing Boy- Lecco, Italy

Peeing Boy- Lecco, Italy


Graffiti Art: Scull Train- Italy

Scull Train- Italy


Graffiti Art: Welcome to Bellano - Lake Como, Italy

Welcome to Bellano – Lake Como, Italy


Graffiti Art: Sombrero - Rome, Italy

Siesta- Rome, Italy


Graffiti Art: Red Writing Hood- Lecco, Italy

Red Writing Hood- Lecco, Italy


Graffiti Art: Tunnel decor- Italy

Tunnel decor- Italy


Graffiti Art: Bubble Letters- Verona, Italy

Bubble Letters- Verona, Italy


Graffiti Art: Haircut- Rome, Italy

Haircut- Rome, Italy


Graffiti Art: Blue Children- Italy

Blue Children- Italy


Graffiti Art: Floating Homer - Italy

Floating Homer – Italy


Outside of Italy

The John Lennon Graffiti Wall in Prague, CZ.  It’s always changing since it’s created by the public …anyone who wants to leave a tribute, word, message on this wall may do so.  This is as it was in December 2012.

 Prague,  John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Graffiti Wall – Prague, Czechoslovakia


Graffiti Art - Prague,  John Lennon Wall

Graffiti Art – Prague, John Lennon Wall


Not graffiti but instead an impressive mural –

This was a GREAT find as I wandered the small streets of Old Town Basel, Switzerland.  I turned the corner & saw this – WOW!!  It definitely is a commissioned muralversus general graffiti.

Graffiti/Mural: Rock On - Basel, Switzerland

Graffiti/Mural: Rock On – Basel, Switzerland


  • Alejandro says:

    Excellent pieces. Keep writing such kind of info on your
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  • Great article and photos. We just love street art (our latest blog was about painted bus stops). We are heading to Basel in December so will definitely keep or eye out for that awesome mural. There is a huge difference to urban art and graffiti.

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Hi Lyn – You’ll have a blast in Basel in December…yay! The Christmas markets are great!! (FYI – Colmar, France is just a short train ride from Basel. Good day trip and Colmar is simply a Fairy Tale!) You can see my posts about the Christmas Markets under my Travel Section.

      If you want to see the super cool mural in Basel, it’s on the street of the Restaurant Bar L’Unique> address Gerbergässlein 20, 4051 Basel

  • We love street art, and I think we have seen some of the best pieces while traveling. I love those pieces

    P.s. You just made my graving to go to Italy even more intense… I can’t wait to go there !!!

  • Vlad says:

    Great pictures and amazing street art! The one from the bakery is the coolest and what a great idea the owner had! I saw many interesting works in Portugal, Lisbon and Porto especially. You have such a cute blog, it’s a pleasure to come week after week to read your posts. 🙂

  • Richelle says:

    The boy peeing is hilarious. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea Italy had such great street art.

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      He makes me laugh too! That piece is in my neighborhood so I get to see him often….and just smile and think….what was the artist thinking – ha ha !

  • What amazing photos!!
    Your blog is sooooo cute, I don’t know why I haven’t found it before 😀 but I just did on Facebook, because you left your link at Part-Time Traveler Talk community 😀
    I will follow you on your social media channels, so we can keep in touch!
    Happy travels,

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Thanks Allane! Glad we connected – love seeing everyone’s posts, there’s so much to see in this wonderful world!

  • Adrienne says:

    Very cool images – always enjoy finding unique street art!

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