Contracts for household employees
Do you employ a baby sitter, maid, caretaker, cook, gardener, or butler, etc ?  Do they or do you want to have an official contract with them but don’t care to deal with the paperwork? 

You can use the services of a company like ADLD – Associazione Datori Di Lavoro Domestico

ADLD has offices in Rome & Milan

The Association provides services to the Employer:

 – administrative support and accounting in dealings with its employees , as well as assistance in labor disputes out of court

– they are current on all employment laws in Italy

Assistance and advice in the management of the employment relationship

– Letter of appointment

– Insurance issues

– Setting up forms for the employee domestic partner     (in the case of coexistence with the employer )

– Develop prospectus and thirteenth month pay monthly

–  payment of quarterly contributions

– Processing of the statement in lieu of the CUD

– Letter for Tax Deductions

– Processing is of any advances , which , at the end of the employment relationship , the employee severance indemnity (TFR)

– Family reunification

– Decree influxes of immigrant workers

– Request for Admission to test knowledge of the Italian language in the granting of a residence permit EC for long-term residents .


Do you have any experience or recommendations with contracts for household employees?  Do you know of any other companies who manage this?  In Florence, Naples or other cities in Italy?  Please leave your comments, recommendations & opinions in the “Leave a Reply” section!


(Disclaimer:  Italy Connect has no experience with the above mentioned company.  This is posted as reference.)


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