Budapest Christmas Market and Festivities

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The Budapest Christmas Market is spectacular.  I found Budapest’s market to be special because of how they set-up the market within the large central square and the quality of crafts & gift items at the market stalls.

The food and wine vendors are concentrated in the center – and I mean center!  They build-up this incredible platform with the food vendors in the center – it’s great since you can walk around all of it and see all of the choices, get a little this and a some of that.  An added sense of community was present because there is a large raised deck built around the food area where everyone can grab a table, mingle and also observe the craft & gifts tents that surround this area. Definitely beats standing as is common at other European Christmas Markets.

The market stalls are filled with beautiful ceramics, jewelry, cards, wood crafts, fuzzy warm hats & slippers, candy, sweets, leather goods, ornaments and just so much more!  The photos below will show you what you can expect to see at the market much better than me writing about it. Unique and quality items available at very good prices….that is once you can wrap your head around their currency.  (1 USD = 248 HF)  After some mulled wine you need to remember an item for 1,000 HF is only around $4.00 USD.

Location: The main Christmas market is located on the Pest side, in Vörösmarty Square and near the Chain Bridge, Vaci Utca (one of the main pedestrian streets in Center) and the metro stop Vörösmarty tér.  I was lucky with my travel planning and rented an apartment just 5 minuted from the market, just off of Vaci Utca.  Perfect, central location to stay to explore the city and enjoy the Christmas market.

For more information about Budapest: the Christmas Market dates, transportation, attractions and other information, go to the the tourist bureau website.

Dates of the Christmas Market 2014: November 28 – December 31st.

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  • I was in Budapest in December 2013 and totally agree – the Christmas markets were just spectacular. The city itself is magical, but when the streets are lined with all the amazing artisan wares and when the smells of mulled wine and cinnamon pastries and sausages ante wafting through the air…it was like anything I’d ever experienced. Thanks for taking me back 😉

  • Hannah says:

    I wasn’t a big Budapest fan when I visited last year…but everyone else loves it so I feel the need to give it another shot. I ADORE Christmas markets though, so maybe I need to try again during that season 🙂 your photos are fantastic!

    • Inta -Curious Cat Expat says:

      Hannah, it is a good Christmas Market. Maybe give it a shot if you’re in the area, but no need to force it just because ‘everyone’ else likes it. 🙂

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