Apartment Rental Leases & Contracts

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Types of apartment rental leases: long-term, Short-term, 3+2, 4+1

  • Leases are called ‘Contracts’ in Italy.
  • The contract will be in Italian.  If you don’t speak Italian, ask a friend to help you or at least get a copy (before you sign) and use Google translate to make sure you know what you’re signing.
  • Long-term/Short-term – the length all depends on who you are talking to.  To an Italian, a long-term lease is 3+ years.  To an American/non-Italian – most likely, anything longer than 6 months is long-term.
  • Most foreigners seek a one year lease.

The ‘1 yr’ apartments are usually slotted for foreigners,  you may not get as much for your money.

  • A ‘3+2’ contract: common Italian contract.  Three year lease with an option at the end of three years to renew for two years at the same cost.
  • A ‘4+1’ contract – same idea.  Four year lease with an option to new for one year at the same cost.

 icon-thumb-tack  Note

As in all contracts, there should be a clause which permits you to terminate the contract at any point, with a minimum period to give notice.  If this clause is not in the first draft of the contract, ASK for it!  It is normally acceptable to ask for a two month cancellation clause.

This is a safeguard for you –  if you need to leave Italy or if simply circumstances change, maybe it turns out to be a terrible apartment, maybe you lose your job or you just want to leave.

Based on the Cancellation Clause – it doesn’t matter if you sign a 3+2 or 4+1 lease, right? 🙂


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