About Curious Cat Expat

So… who’s behind the scenes?

I’m Inta,  an American/Latvian who independently moved to Italy in 2010 to start my European life.  In 2015, I relocated to the Netherlands.   I have a diverse range of interests and thrive on learning and experiencing new things – I’m curious!  I share my experiences and endeavors of curiosity as Curious Cat Expat.

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I am not your 20-something back-backer.  With a lot of thought, I quit my corporate career and I moved independently to Europe in my mid-40’s … No, not with the fancy expat package but instead with goals to expand my horizons and experience life a bit more with a new perspective.

I have a home base, I am a communications and technology consultant, and fulfill my curiosities of the world by exploring & traveling as much as I can.  I’m young at heart, a constant state of wonderment and have an adventurous spirit.

No matter where I go, or what the goal is for travel, I will always have a smile and my cameras with me!

My hopes are that my experiences, stories and photos may help or inspire you with your ventures … may it be a move overseas, to enhance a vacation or simply expose you to some new thoughts & sights.

Curious Cat Expat is:

A quality travel blog that inspires travelers and want-to-be travelers with easy-to-read and eye-opening articles which are enhanced with complementary photography.

My goal is to broaden my audience’s horizons and show that dreams can become plans.

The website/blog includes:

  • Travel Inspiration & 1000 Words: travel destinations, experiences, tips & photography
  • Expat Diaries: personal stories of adjusting to life overseas
  • Expat 101: helpful information to guide you through the immigration process as a non-EU moving to Italy
  • Tid-Bits: Quotes and just some fun stuff to make you smile!

 icon-eye Primary Travel Focus: Value-based, Cultural, Gastronomic, Soft-Adventure, Scenic, Back-Country, Urban, and Experiential.

 icon-globe Travel Background

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I grew up in New York City, raised with a dual culture: American & Latvian. I loved the diversity of NYC; the amazing ethnicities, the culture and food experiences in this great city. Yet, this city life was balanced with family road-trip vacations that were off-the-beaten-path with a lot of camping and hiking through the USA.

As a teenager, I expanded my travels with a couple of trips to the Caribbean islands and Cancun since they were easily accessible from the East Coast USA. These were teasers! I knew I wanted to experience more!

My first ‘big’ overseas trip wasn’t until I was 22 when I tagged along with a friend for five months who got an expat posting in Singapore.

It was official, I was infected by the travel bug!  

Being in Singapore, I was fortunate that I got to immerse myself in this culture for five months. I was in awe with the other side of the world…the different style of living, the people and their food.  From here I had the opportunity to explore Malaysia and even live in Hong Kong for one month.

Then, as many do, I fell into the real-world, the working-world, and made the best out of the couple weeks of vacation I had each year: Thailand, Belize, Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, USA and so on. (Full travel map)

My travels have been varied – from camping, staying in luxury resorts, basic lodging, renting apartments to living on a Catamaran sail boat.  I love it all.  It really depends on the purpose of the trip, how much time and budget is available.

Since living in Europe I have enjoyed the ease of travel to just about anywhere by trains, quick flights, boats and ferries to new destinations. It’s wonderful and there are so many places I’d love to learn about, explore and experience in Europe, as well as other continents & countries (South America, an African Safari, India, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia….shall I keep going 🙂 the list is endless!

Travel doesn’t necessarily require you to get on a plane – travel can be near or far, an experience, a meal or a vision.  If the mind is open, the further you travel.


Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the adventures.

  Inta – the Curious Cat Expat