2016 New Year’s Day Dutchie Dive – Scheveningen, Den Haag, Netherlands

As a new resident of The Hague, I had to head to the beach to experience the 50+ year old tradition of starting off the New Year with a dive into the chilly sea – as a spectator of course.   Not only was the dive exciting to watch, but the excitement continued as I walked the boardwalk among the orange capped divers and other spectators who were enjoying the first day of 2016 with fried fish, frites, and other tasty food available at the many restaurants along the boardwalk.  

A spectacular event and a wonderful way to start the New Year!



10,000+ dive into the North Sea, soccer dog, oompah band and even pigs were part of the day on the Scheveningen boardwalk on New Year’s Day.

(3 minutes)


Photos of the day’s events

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  • Hello, I loved your blog, it’s beautiful and we felt like we were in the wonderful places too. I love traveling, and if it were possible I would live like that too. But we can travel with your posts. Your blog is charming! Amazing pics you shared. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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